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I Got Rejected from AdSense and have this error

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Hi Hassan, Today I get policy Violation error on my site. If I am write I didn't made any policy Violation. Can you please help me my website is nsbfx[.]com. Please help


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Posted : 14/03/2022 1:33 pm
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Hasan Aboul Hasan
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see the details, on which page and why. 

Posted : 15/03/2022 10:53 pm
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Google AdSense Policy violations can be costly. Many publishers have experienced a significant decrease in revenue after receiving a policy violation warning from Google AdSense.

As a publisher, you are responsible for familiarizing yourself with the AdSense program policies before applying or participating in the program. The Google AdSense Program policies create an advertising experience that benefits publishers, advertisers, and users.

Google reserves the right to suspend any account for any reason without any prior notice to the publisher.

Here are some common reasons for Google AdSense Policy violations:

  • Invalid Clicks and Impressions
  • Ads Placements
  • Prohibited Content and Behavior
  • Affiliate programs

Do a good audit of your site. If you find a problem, fix it quickly. You may have mentioned a word in your article that violates Google policy or added a link or ad that Google does not like. This is probably why you have this problem. Hopefully, this will be resolved very soon. You take a moment to verify it. Thanks!

Posted : 22/03/2022 3:54 am
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Pls what and what should be on my site (Aparts from article) before applying for adsence.


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Posted : 22/03/2022 10:08 pm
sarth m
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i have trying over 6 years for adsens but my account ban in 2-3 months. no idea what to do?

Posted : 10/05/2022 3:55 pm