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Building an Online Tuition Business

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Dear Hassan, I have been following in YouTube and I am really impression with your ideas thats why I just joined your forum and am asking you a question as you mentioned that in your video I can get your advice here.

I am from Singapore and its a small market and the tuition market is extremely cluttered. We are a new online math tuition business targeting H2 Math A Levels or AP examination in the states.

After spending about $200 in FB and $15 in Google, we still have not got a single lead. Our only client is from our FB organic post where we feature a local news article and how we take care of emotional well being of students and not forcing them to remember stuff. 

We tried getting people to sign up for webinar but no one did.

Since Singapore is small and we get tutors here who are able to give 30 days free classes, how can I compete? Or shall I change to a larger market?

Is it true that landing page will not convert as its a topic of trust here?

This is my latest landing page

Will your advice to get traffic from / / pinterest work (since they are more US) for Singapore traffic or I should just go and try.

Please advice.

Anyone in this forum is welcome to advice.


Best Regards,


Posted : 04/12/2021 12:31 pm
Hasan Aboul Hasan
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Hi friend, if your product can be delivered worldwide, why not??

Posted : 04/12/2021 3:03 pm