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Adsense Code Issue

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Assalamualykum, Hasan, Please solve this,.please.


I use Domain Tools Script in my site from codecanyon. My site age is almost 3months and i generate some of traffics, create backlink. Now I'm trying to apply for google adsense, but where i can put my ad code for site checking issue. Basically google adsense say put the ad code between <head>......</head> so that they can verify my site at first. So where in my admin panel or cPanel, I can put the code for google adsense verify for getting approved. Please Help!! Where i can get theme edit option for do that or what should i do?

Posted : 04/04/2022 5:42 am
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I believe it is in the admin panel. Check with the script providers, they usually support for such issues. 

Posted : 06/04/2022 1:33 pm