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[Solved] Adsense alternative

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Mohammad Riyaduzzaman Riyad
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Posted by: @ihthisham-ahmed

Hello friend, you don't need to delete this topic from the forum. Because this will be helpful for others if they face this kind of problem.

Hi friend,

I think the admin will not delete the topic. The solved case study will help others.

Posted : 03/06/2021 7:12 am
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Posted by: @fredlam

I'm not approved on Adsense what is the best alternative to apply in?

Please try to focus on your content. It needs more unique and grammatically correct. 

Please focus on plagiarism while you are going to publish an article that already on the internet. It will help you to make unique content.

Posted : 06/06/2021 1:02 am
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@admin I think ezoic is a good alternative to Adsense

Posted : 06/06/2021 10:23 pm
Kavitha Aisha
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Member Customer is the best alternative to AdSense in terms of ad types. is a contextual ad network by Yahoo! and Bing, and it offers high-paying ads. Moreover, the ad types involved are similar to AdSense, and if you have a quality blog, you are more likely to get approval in no time.

Posted : 08/06/2021 9:49 am
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Posted by: @fredlam

ok, how to delete this topic from the forum ?

Don't delete it my dear friend it is very helpful to any others like me

Posted : 10/06/2021 4:20 pm
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I think it's better to contact the support team.

Posted : 11/06/2021 3:21 pm
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@fredlam Don't delete other people with the same problem will be benefitted here.

Posted : 11/06/2021 3:25 pm
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Adsense alternatives

  • Adversal
  • Taboola Native Advertising. ...
  • PopAds.
  • Adcash.
  • Infolinks.
  • Propeller Ads.
Posted : 12/06/2021 8:22 am
Hisham Abbah
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@fredlam, congratulations for your Google Adsense approval. 

Posted : 12/06/2021 5:44 pm
Tavie David Okolobi
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I'll have to try this right away.

Posted : 21/06/2021 6:50 pm
Suman Matety
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Posted by: @safa


 hello hasan! how to resolve the issue?


Friend, I think you already have an AdSense account with another email. If you don't, just select the option you prefer and proceed further. 

Hope it helps.

Posted : 30/06/2021 8:41 am
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