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I have 2 vps, both are 1gb ram/1cpu.

Qst 1: Is (1 gb ram 1 cpu) vps enough for multiple wordpress websites?

I want to build 2 websites (and maybe some landing pages in the future), traffic will be from quora... so I don't expect more than 1k or 2k per day for all these sites combined.

I have two options:

the first is by using wordpress multiste (network), I did install it, but I did read things about plugins does not function well for multiple websites, seo problems, Yoast meta-descreption problem, migration problem in the future ..., I want to know if that is true?

The second is using WEBMIN, and I want to ask you if each worpress installation will install its own database? or all wordpress installations will use the same database? can you please briefly explain how database works (talking about size, ram cunsuming)?

The point is which one is best for me? 

"""" and I prefer to use webmin """"

Qst 2: I want to to use the second vps for emails.

knowing that: No bulke emails, only subscribers newsletter and notifications.

Is 1 gb ram vps enough to install Mautic?

can I also install Postal SMTP with mautic on the same vps? is their any free opensource light smtp that i can install with mautic in 1 gb ram vps?

Thank you.

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Posted : 15/12/2021 8:03 am
Hasan Aboul Hasan
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The VPS you mention is not enough if you want to use Webmin on it. it will not perform very well.

the multisite installation has some limitations, you have to read about it more before you implement it.

about the database, please clarify your question, what do you want to know exactly.



for the second VPS, yes it's enough if just like a mailbox. but mautic is not a mailbox!

mautic and postal must be installed on different servers, installing both on one server can be done but you will face some problems.



Posted : 18/12/2021 11:07 am