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Adnan Mustafa
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I have a site to download mobile applications and games, and I want a special hosting to upload applications and games only to be separate from the site and have a good area. Please answer
Posted : 19/03/2022 12:12 am
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Ghulam Mustafa
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If you are a beginner or your site is new, then start with Shared Hosting. Hostinger's Premium Shared Hosting is cheaper and has many features. like, free domain, free SSL, etc.

But if you have got many visitors and now you want to upgrade, then obviously go for VPS hosting.

I don't have any example of the best VPS hosting, bcz I haven't used it.

And, by the way, Hassan told about best hosting, in his this video "Best WordPress Hostings Based on 7 years of Experience"

Posted : 20/03/2022 5:03 am