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Muzammil Mughal
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Hi, I'm thinking of running an ads campaign for affiliate marketing with the total budget of 100$ (which i can afford) and 5-7$ per day. Which will be in the fitness and health niche.
I'm confused about it that will it work or will i just throw away the money?.. Any tips or anything please, that would help a lot.

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Posted : 01/06/2022 11:00 pm
Hasan Aboul Hasan
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Hi friend, if you want to go with paid ads, you have to learn in-depth how affiliate marketing works, tracking and optimization. otherwise, you will be wasting it. 

and you have to know also, that sometimes a campaign can fail, and you will lose your money in exchange for experiece.

Posted : 03/06/2022 2:52 pm
Muzammil Mughal
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@admin Thank you for this. I will go for other methods until I learn tracking and optimization to the fullest. May God Bless you. 

Posted : 05/06/2022 2:31 am
Muhammad aown
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Yes, ad campaigns can definitely work out for getting sales however you can also lose money if your strategy for running campaign is bad which mostly happens to beginners. 

so I will suggest you first gain a lot of knowledge about running ad campaigns and then run them because Hasan also lost a lot of money running Facebook ads. 

So I will suggest that you should get a lot of knowledge about running ads, read and watch some case studies as there are a lot of good and useful case studies on running ads on youtube, especially on H-educate.

And you can also divide your money between various ad strategies so you will have more chances of succeeding. 

Posted : 14/06/2022 3:01 pm