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CJ not showing leads, why?

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Posted by: @isuru-perera
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Posted by: @isuru-perera
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Posted by: @muhammad-aown
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Cj is not showing my leads, I have done three leads from different locations of my friends but CJ shows only clicks not leads.

Hey friend. I just searched for this but unfortunately found nothing. They must have changed their ViewThrough tracking technology which was mentioned on their site. You can contact their support for further help. 

He should read terms and conditions of the product he is promoting.

Yes maybe there are restrictions on it that’s why the issue. The support of the website will have questions regarding it maybe.

Every affiliate program or network has special terms so he should definitely read them once.

Exactly brother he get his leads from tricky way so cj has caught it. That's why lead aren't visible to him.

Also another way how CJ caught him is he got one click and got a lead however in reality we need to get lot of clicks for leads.

Exactly brother every click won't convert as a lead. He done a big mistake by doing that. Getting the approval of cj also very hard but he didn't use that in right way. 

Brother also they will notice that every person who see a link is clicking on it, so that's another mistake.

Yeah brother it's professional affiliate marketing network so they have the access to detect everything goes on their network. But I'm still thinking why he did that kind of a thing after getting approval by CJ or how did he get the approval?

Can we get approval by using a VPN?

Posted : 18/12/2021 7:35 am
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