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Error: Value Cannot be null

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Anthony Robinson
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Hey! I tried sending bulk emails based on instructions on one of your youtube videos using the super email sender tool.
I followed your instructions step by step. I imported the list, created two templates then created and ran the campaign. My campaign showed the running status for 3-4 seconds, then it automatically stopped. I tried again, and I experienced the same result.
When I checked the sending log, it showed the error that the 'value cannot be null,' and there was no problem in the other steps. I'm attaching the screenshot of sending log for your quick reference.
I was trying to send the email to a list of 17 members, so I tried sending it to another list of 1k members, but I encountered the same error. Please check, and I will highly appreciate your help in the matter.
Thanks and regards
Dr. Anthony Robinson


Posted : 23/06/2022 2:25 pm