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sir, I am one of your students... I NEED URGENT HELP...sir I use your super email validator to provide verification services at Fiverr. recently I had an order and I sent the results i.e. three lists namely valid, catchall, invalid... and the client sent a message with a screenshot of the verification message in the invalid list which said that ( is blacklisted at zen.dnsbl) and he is telling me that my server is blacklisted and he wants an explanation for that... my order is at the verge of cancellation sir and it will affect my gig very badly... kindly help me out and tell me what should I do and what should I tell the client and how can I

solve the issue...

Posted : 09/04/2021 5:28 am
Hasan Aboul Hasan
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Hi friend, first of all, please next time add your question in the correct forum. as this has nothing to do with super validation, it's a VPS blacklist problem.

secondly, I never mentioned using my free apps as services as they have some limitations, I developed to use them personally, so you are responsible for the services you provide.

Third, this is a problem related to the VPS company, you need to contact them. it's not something we can solve from our side always, it depends on the type of blacklist.

Four, the service you are providing is not appropriate, as you can build a verification service like this, the VPS will get blacklisted if the client verifies too many emails. I wish you had read the guide and watch the tutorial before implementing this.


Posted : 10/04/2021 5:00 am