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Hello H-Educate team,
First of all, thanks a lot for such a great tool 'Super Email Validator'. I downloaded your tool from your official website. After running the executable file 'Super Email Validator.exe', I got this error message.

It says that my Port 25 is closed. I googled it further to know what's wrong because I don't know much about all this stuff related to networking.

I found that it might be closed by my ISP. I found some tests from Google. I tried those tests to determine what the problem is. I tried those and following were the results:

Here, I used these two commands:

telnet 25

telnet 25


After this, I tried to do something on my own. So, I tried the following command:

telnet 25

And, I got the following result:


Now, I am confused that what the problem is. Is the problem with my PC or with my ISP?

Please, HELP ME!

I reallly need to validate Bulk Emails.


Waiting for your reply...

Posted : 19/05/2021 8:23 am
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Port 25 is used to send mail from your system. Some ports are opened by default and some are closed for security reasons. For example, port 80 is opened on a system to send HTTP traffic over the internet. If you can't able to send mail, your port 25 might be closed. If you are using Windows OS, you can manually open port 25 by navigating to

Control Panel>System and Security>Windows defender firewall>Advanced settings>Inbound rules>New rule>port(rule type)>click next>specify port 25 TCP>allow the connection>click next>check rule applies for (domain, private,pub)>Give a name for your rule> Finish

Posted : 02/06/2021 10:31 am
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very helpful info 


Posted : 13/06/2021 12:19 pm
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Does this solved your problem?

I am getting the same issue but doing this does not solve the problem.

Posted : 04/07/2021 6:20 am