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Setting up IMAP and SMTP server for a backed application.

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Kh Aftab Uddin Ahmed
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Hi. I am willing to buy a email hosting for sending 10,000 email per day. I want to send emails from my backend server (Node JS) using "Nodemailer" which requires a SMTP server. And also I want to read the inbox via IMAP protocol. My questions are -

1: Will I get a SMTP server from the email hosting provider to send 10,000 emails / day? Or I have to purchase it from Sendgrid, SES etc. ?

2: Do they give me the IMAP server? So, that I can use it to read emails using that protocol. 

3. Since I don't want pay for two services at a time (i.e. SMTP, Email hosting), so can I use free email and buy a sendgrid SMTP server to send emails?


Thank You,

Kh Aftab Uddin Ahmed


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Posted : 23/04/2022 6:47 pm
Hasan Aboul Hasan
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 1. email hosting provider like what?

2. IMAP is a mailbox, you have to get a business email or build your own mailbox server

3. you need a business email, you can get one for free following this tutorial:


Posted : 24/04/2022 11:46 pm