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My mails are landing in spam in Gmail

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Hello there,

I created my own smtp server through VPS IP. I configure the webmin control panel and add all the DNS records in my domain DNS. I do the IP warm-up for the last one week. But still my mails are landing in spam. Tested my mail server in the mail-tester and I got the 10/10 in the spam score.Please help with this situation.


Posted : 16/02/2022 11:04 am
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Hasan Aboul Hasan
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How did you know that emails are landing in spam?

Posted : 16/02/2022 9:39 pm
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I send it to my Gmail id and its landing on spam box. I don't know why its landing on spam coz every DNS record is perfectly fine.  

Posted : 17/02/2022 5:41 am
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Mohammad Riyaduzzaman Riyad
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@mushraf Have you done warm-up before sending? Also, what was the sending score before running the campaign?

Posted : 27/02/2022 9:26 pm
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Email Speed
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gmail/yahoo/hotmail are very strcit regarding bulk emailing.


I suggest you start a warm-up process, by sending no more than 50 emails per day on those email services and increase daily 20 emails.

Of course need to send from clean ip/clean domain/clean smtp server.


That's the only strategy I had success and decent results

Posted : 17/03/2022 7:09 am