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How to Rank a Tool Website

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Harshit Verma
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I've created a YouTube Video Downloader and Keyword Researcher Tool in Blogger and I want to Rank that Tool how can I rank it?

Posted : 27/02/2022 4:33 pm
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you created that using blogger? that must be amazing please accept my friend request

Posted : 28/02/2022 3:29 pm
Ghulam Mustafa
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Have you made it by yourself (unique/no copy) or you have gotten the source code from anywhere?

Let me tell you the solution

If you have enough budget then run paid ads on Facebook, Google, etc. Or build your community on youtube, Instagram, or Facebook page to grow your tool, tell to as many people as you can about your tool.

Learn Email Marketing to get emails and attract many customers.

Another thing is that if you have made it in WordPress then it would be somehow easier to rank because there are a variety of plugins to use and optimize our site. But if it is in blogger then write its meta description and do some blogger SEO.

After doing these, Compare the traffic of your blog with now after 3-5 months

Posted : 03/03/2022 3:46 pm