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Google Search Console Mobile Usability Issues

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Pranay Borupothu
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How to resolve mobile usability issues in Google Search Console?

  • Clickable Elements Too Close Together
  • Content wider than screen
  • Text too small to read
Posted : 16/02/2022 1:42 am
tasnim reacted
Hasan Aboul Hasan
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open the target pages on mobile, and see what's wrong. this depends on what platform and theme you are using

Posted : 16/02/2022 9:42 pm
tasnim and Prime Kitchen reacted
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Are you using wordpress? If so do you use random Gutenberg editor! Or elementor...? 

If so, i can guide you! 

Posted : 17/02/2022 3:57 am
tasnim reacted
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From your question, I understand that you are using blogger {blue}:idontknow:  

I will talk about this from my point of view and my experience in Blogger only, not the sites in general

PageSpeed Insights does not reflect the speed of your site realistic analysis

Google PageSpeed Insights PageSpeed Test is probably the most popular service people use to measure the speed of their sites

But the truth is, this particular site does not express the speed of the sites and its numbers have nothing to do with the speed

Note: Any numbers I will give I made at the time of my answer

So that it changes later, so that no one thinks that I gave the wrong numbers, but the software of the sites changes, including the algorithm of the examination site, and that is why the results may change

My site currently gives a rating between 98 to 92% and this is bad according to that service, but the actual download time is approximately 1 second


The BBC News website gives a rating between 45% to 40%, and its loading time is worse than the loading time of my site

Is it possible that my site is better than the site of one of the largest news networks in the world?

The answer, as I explained at the beginning, is that the site has nothing to do with speed at all

These are completely unrealistic standards that even Google itself falls into

I mean the home page of Google, which does not contain a lot, no pictures, no sliders, nothing, rated 80%

How does Google the first site in the world and the owner of the algorithm do not reap 100%?

Because as I said the scale is unrealistic, idealism does not exist in the world of the web, you will find sites that reap 100%, but these rely on the methods of deceiving the algorithm as I mentioned previously, or that it actually does not contain many codes and images at all.

Let's see what errors are causing my site to do so poorly

This is a picture of the parts marked in red. It is considered the biggest error that affects the evaluation of my site

The first part in red is caused by the phone links pattern. When you use the phone, you will find all blogger links followed by m=1

According to the algorithm, this is a major crime. Ok, what is the template or design involved in, nothing is from Google itself, the owner of the algorithm and the owner of Blogger !!!!!!!


The second crime is the width and height of the logo, which is above because it does not have a width and height inside the site. I considered it a crime as well, although there is no easy way to do this because the logo software is inside Blogger itself as a platform, and although it is something that does not deserve to be mentioned at all, the site considered it something worthy. Downgrade for him

The last crime, which is the catastrophe that destroys the evaluation and gives you 21 devastating reasons, is the images. You have to use a site devoid of images to get a higher rating. I mean, if I cancel the images of my articles, the ratings will rise to almost 99%.

Is this site useless?

No, the site is useful. Sometimes it indicates errors that can actually be fixed. It refers to old codes that you can improve, but it is useless to adopt it as an evaluation, neither he nor others who analyze sites
These sites are originally of no use to you as a user or site owner. They are only useful to the programmer, alert him, perhaps to simple things that he can improve, but they are not an evaluation for you at all, and it is not useful to base your choice of template or even for the platform that you will use on those sites

Therefore, as long as you use a template from a reliable source, and the template works for you at a reasonable speed, and your layout page is accurate, it is a big factor in knowing the quality of the template. Scattered pages are evidence of coding errors.

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Posted : 20/02/2022 9:31 pm