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Unable to host Php script using Cyberpanel (Open litespeed server)

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Can someone please tell me How to host Php Script using Cyberpanel? Because I made website in cyberpanel, made database for the website, uploaded the A 2 Z script inside public_html but still it's not showing me the installation page of the script, it was showing default page "Cyberpanel is installed" so I deleted the index.html file but it gave error "Site Can't be reached" and I tried again by editing db.config.php file and filled all the details manually like database name, user, password, domain url but still It was showing the same error.. Please help me in solving my issue.
Thanks in Advance

Posted : 13/02/2022 7:13 pm
Steve Leblanc
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Once you have it installed. Check the log files from the link on your Cyberpanel dashboard. They may show you what the problem is

Posted : 14/02/2022 3:57 pm