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What do you think about this blog niche

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i want to create a blog about building profitable websites like blogs and e stores.

my question is do you think this is a good niche to start with? is it wid should i narrow down my topics more than that?

my second question is can i survive alonge side with high compatative blogs if i put some efforts on qualty of my content ?

thanks {blue}:inlove:  

This topic was modified 9 months ago by elkordy
Posted : 26/02/2022 10:39 am
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@elkordy First of all, if you are going to make money with blogging, you need to choose a niche. By now, there is almost everything on the internet that ordinary people will need. almost every niche is competitive, all of them are creating amazing content. Looking at those things, you may think that blogging is unprofitable.

In fact, no. Blogging is very profitable when you do it right and do it with patience. It doesn't offer earning big money in a short amount of time. Instead, you can earn a living after you set up your system.

When choosing your niche, I am not going to say go with less competitive niches. Write about something that people will love, share and get something valuable. Don't worry about others - your competitors, sometimes they will be big companies. Your work is to create different and unique content than others. You need to set up your promotion strategy. and you will get results. For a newly started blog, it is almost impossible to rank at the top of Google, but as you start getting known and get more backlinks, search engines will recognize your blog and will put you higher.

During this time, you need to consistently create content and optimize your content for SEO.

Posted : 26/02/2022 5:22 pm