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Redirect Error unable to validate since 2 months

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M Nabeel Khan
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Dear Sir Hasan and Friends,

Please help me out in resolving this GSC redirect error which was actually reported on 26th Feb and still validation is not completed yet. I have attached screenshots of the issue as well. This redirect error, I believe has actually stopped indexing my new posts. The coverage section is being updated and I can see updated crawl dates of my site and an increase in excluded URLs but not validating one of the redirected error post. I tried following things.

1) submitted sitemap successfully

2) Live test URL of the affected post and found all OK

3) Started validation after detection on 26th Feb - failed validation on 9th March

4) Again started validation on 26th March but did not receive any google notification of validation started. However, coverage section showing it has started anyway. (you can check the screenshot)

5)  After waiting so long 2 months. I finally deleted that post on 23rd April from the website as well as removed it from GSC record. 

6) removed all internal links from the website which was previously directing it.

7) after this issue all my new 4 posts are placed in discovered - currently not indexed

Following are the attachments of screenshots

1) Coverage section

2) Redirect error section

3) URL inspection after removal of post from everywhere

4) Validation Details

5) Removal Section

I am writing this issue in detail just with the hope that the H-educate community will help me solving this issue. I was so happy when started following online business series and easily got every new post indexed with no issue. But now it has stopped and my recent 4 posts are just placed in Discoverd - Currectly not indexed section for last 2 months.  Give me suggestions to solve this issue and help me to resume GSC index my new post. If I couldnot able to solve it, maybe I have to drop this website and start from new with disappointment. {blue}:crying:  

Posted : 07/05/2022 12:17 pm