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finished my new project i need some opinions

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Hello again

I just finished my new project [] please check the website

i need to know if this kind of project is good or not what's can I do more to help this website grow up

take me about 11 to 14 days to complete all article and get the website

I published about 13.012 articles (episodes and movies) I use Yoast SEO 

I'm planning to get traffic only from google  

what kind of traffic method can I use  also 

waiting for comment 

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Posted : 15/05/2022 1:18 am
Harshit Verma
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I will got some of the problems in your website first is your website is in Arabic because I don't watch anime or I speak Arabic so I don't what's your target audience but If you're planning it globally then I reccomend you to go with multilingual Website. Also, Use a TLD(Top Level Domain) to Rank. Then, I want to tell you that around more than 40% of the World Population watches Anime and there are too many websites on Internet that actually provides anime for free so I didn't think that your website has something special but If you need Traffic then you can try Pinterest it's amazing for US Traffic or you can Use Instagram, Reddit, Quora, Anime Forums and Facebook or you can Place ads on Google Ads or Udimi or any other Platform, but If I say you can't Rank Organically on Google because on Keyword "Anime" or "Free Anime" it's Search Volum is around 1,830,000, SEO Difficulty is 83(In US Only) and you can just go to Similar Web or Ubersuggest to get more info about your website.


Posted : 02/07/2022 1:32 pm