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My wordpress website's SEO score is low!

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Kanish Kumar
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I build blogging website under Hassan's online business series. But my website's SEO score coming is too low! If anyone has any solution to it kindly give it and secondly I'm not getting traffic on my website. I've done everything hassan suggested in the series, so if anyone has a solution kindly give.

Website : glaark[.]com

Posted : 23/02/2022 2:27 pm
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Mohammad Riyaduzzaman Riyad
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Hi Friend,

At first, please fix the technical SEO error. Then focus on On-Page SEO. After indexing articles by google, focus on Off-page SEO. You can learn SEO from H-educate's YouTube Channel.

SEO Analyzer or SEMRush can be a good tool for you.

Posted : 23/02/2022 6:16 pm
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