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Average word count for a blog post

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I am a new blogger and I'm little confused about how much word count should a blog post contain?

It's is a Email Marketing blog.

Posted : 14/01/2022 2:49 pm
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Hasan Aboul Hasan
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It depends! sometimes 900 is enough, and sometimes 3000 is not enough, it mainly depends on the topic, and the competition.

 are you following my online business series?

Posted : 14/01/2022 8:52 pm
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For sure if you want to rank on google make sure you write more than your competitors. If the keyword you are writing about is competitive and many people already used it, then You will need to write better content plus more than your competitors. if most of your keywords competitors have written below 900 then maybe 1000 will be good for you. If your competitors have written about 2000 words then you writing 900 is not going to go well for google. Since more content is kind of authority is some ways..

But ensure it is good content.

And also if you are new, it is always good to choose a keyword with low competition and if possible high search volume.. This will help you to rank on google.

all the best

Posted : 14/01/2022 11:03 pm
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ARC Document Solutions
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Hii @atharva, first of all, welcome to the world of blogging!

Now then, the question you are asking can be answered differently from a vivid SEO perspective, but I'll try to cover up all the aspects with my answer.

Two types of aspects you can keep in mind in this case- Quantity & Quality.

How these two will affect? let me explain-

Let's take the first aspect, Quantity! Suppose you wrote a beautiful SEO-optimized blog within a 300-350 word count. In this case-


  1. Your blog can be indexed & ranked quickly if content & SEO based optimized properly.
  2. Within a quick time, you'll get much more views, impressions moreover high engagements over your blog.
  3. As the word count is less, you will be able to quickly finish writing, optimization, submission & focus on the next topic.


  1. This is basically a quick ranking method.
  2. After a certain time, that particular blog can lose ranking & all high engagements.
  3. Google nowadays mostly prefers long word count content, so even if your 300-350 word count based blog gets high engagement & top page rank in google search, it's not gonna stay forever that's for sure mate!

Now coming to the second aspect- Quality. In this case, suppose you wrote again a wonderful info based blog but in 2000-3000 word range. In this case-


  1. Your blog after getting indexed, will get a wonderful rank on google search & it's going to stay awhile in that position.
  2. Google always prefers nowadays high word count based posts.
  3. The ranking position will improve gradually high & will be much more stable.


  1. High word count-based blog publish can become a big-time taking task.
  2. This process is basically time taking from the SEO aspect as well.
  3. The expected high engagement result can take a bit more to come.

Hopefully, you understood both scenarios with their different pros & cons. Although I highly agree with admin that different topic requires different kind of word counts based on competition as well. But in my opinion, if you are looking for long-term success, I will personally recommend you to write at least more than 1000 words per blog.

Hope this clears your doubt mate. Have a nice day! ???? 

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Posted : 20/01/2022 11:57 am