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Indexing issue after 10 posts

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M Nabeel Khan
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Dear Sir Hassan,

Sir, I am facing some issues on indexing my post onwards, after successfully indexing 10 posts (of average 1000+ words). Normally it takes 2 days for my post to get indexed by GSC. I always do manual sitemap submission and URL indexing request on every publishing new post. This time it is not indexing nor showing any issue/erro with the page/post I am trying to index. Live URL test is all fine with not-indexed posts. 

Now please suggest me, what to do regarding this? It seems problematic situation.

1)How will I get traffic now on my posts without google search engine?

2) Should I stop publishing new posts till all my old not indexed posts, get indexed properly once? 

Posted : 26/03/2022 7:07 pm
Ahmed Ibrahim and tasnim reacted
Hasan Aboul Hasan
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1) Hi friend, just wait, it must be indexed.

2) no don't stop

Posted : 27/03/2022 9:14 am
Anonymous 45397
 Anonymous 45397
(@Anonymous 45397)
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GSC must index all pages (if technically correct) within 24 hours

Posted : 07/04/2022 12:51 pm
M Nabeel Khan
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@goxi if technically not correct why not highlighting any issue on those posts. Secondly I have used same way of creating 10 previous posts that indexed within 24hrs a day. 

Posted : 07/04/2022 8:38 pm