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What should we do with gateway website?

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Amir Hossain
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Brother Hasan, I'm bit confused about gateway website in your last video  "How to rank on google in 4 minutes". Shall we re-write article based on gateway website? 

Please suggest. Thanks 

Posted : 10/06/2022 3:26 pm
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Hasan Aboul Hasan
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Hi friend, the gateway, is your direct competitor, you need to create a better version of his post to break through.

Posted : 13/06/2022 2:35 pm
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Muhammad aown
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I will make it a little easier for you to explain, I think you are talking about making a better article than your competitor in order to rank higher than him, well see if your competitor has written an article of 4000 words, you should right of 6000 words. I am not talking about quantity, I am talking words to help you imagine the amount of detailed blog that you would need to write. Just make your article more detailed than that of your competitors. 

Posted : 17/06/2022 11:06 am
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