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Is MLM good for student?

Posted : 02/06/2021 9:50 am
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Hassan Raza
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In the field of network marketing, you will always feel motivated. Being a student you have a place or liberty that, there will be lots of people around you for help and support. You can make mistakes and can learn from them because the best way to learn is to learn from your own experiences

Posted : 07/06/2021 4:55 pm
Muhammad aown
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Maybe you can try it.

Staggered Marketing Can Be a Good Thing

It offers the chance to get engaged with a framework for conveying items to shoppers. Not at all like the individual beginning a business without any preparation, the MLM member has the help of an immediate selling organization that provisions the items and now and again offers preparing also

Posted : 09/06/2021 10:56 am
Mohammad Riyaduzzaman Riyad
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Posted by: @laldinsang

Is MLM good for student?

Hi Friend,

It will depend on the product. If it's helpful for people, then multi-level marketing is appreciated. Otherwise not.

Posted : 10/06/2021 3:21 pm
Kavitha Aisha
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Yes, Network Marketing is good for students because network marketing teaches selling skills, communication skills, goal setting, boost self-confidence, public speaking, etc. It is a full package for students or anyone. All students should do network marketing side by side with their study, not to earn money, but to learn all these skills. Many students spend thousands or lakhs of rupees to learning these skills; but, network marketing teaches it freely.

Students should choose a Network Marketing company carefully because, if they will associate with the wrong company then they can't learn these skills.

Posted : 11/06/2021 12:53 pm
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Many MLM companies exhibits themselves as lucrative organization and employees around there showcase themselves that they are living sophisticated lifestyle to attract more people especially College students to drive them to MLM by preaching that, they guarantee your success that you can able to buy a luxury car within 2 or 3 month by just pitching this to 5 or 10 people and they keep on setting benchmark and you'll stuck inside a loophole of bringing audience without knowing that you are getting manipulated by disguising words. There is no short-cut to achieve sophisticated life, you need to work on building real business which provides value to people.

Posted : 11/06/2021 4:44 pm
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Posted by: @laldinsang

Is MLM good for student?

I think it's best for students because in MLM you have to face so many people so that you will be able to develop your confidence... And that will be beneficial for you...


Posted : 14/06/2021 4:01 pm
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How to get instant cash over 5$ within one day?

Posted : 18/06/2021 8:54 am
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Posted by: @laldinsang

Is MLM good for student?

If you can handle the business as student and not get distracted from your studies, then it's good for you.

Posted : 30/07/2021 11:29 pm
Waleed Shafiq
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@vetriyad But brother it is very hard nowadays to find good products in MLM, right?

Posted : 10/11/2021 4:08 am