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Make money with javascript

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actually it's not easy peasy lemon squeezy but you can learn it well let's start with what kind of script:

first of all know in 2021 everyone know's about ecommerce and a lot of hard worke needed in this business and if you have the skill to create a script who can give a solution to this business then i promise you, you'll be a rich man, but what's solution and how can build one, yeah buddy this is the challenge, if you can made a spy script for shopify for example and much of as know what's that mean, so if you make one with much performance and much function and put it to public with a half price of other platform hemmmm you gonna make it easy peasy lemon squeezy and now your dream come to be true....

so guys next time i'll show u the step by step how to make a simple one and we're going on this rhythm until we got the idea clear, and then you'll be able to create yours


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Posted : 16/09/2021 9:08 pm
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Hello brother, yeah you are right but not everything is from the low pricing, some people think that lower price mean bad performance or lowest quality

Posted : 21/09/2021 7:31 am