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Sal Sherman
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Hello! I have been watching many of your videos about generating traffic and for sales conversions. However I feel some of these ways are more applicable for everyday products or services. I have recently started a luxury pearl brand Specializing in women's and mens pearl accessories. the site is new (2-3. months) and our team is small but ambitious! My question is how would you go about generating targeted organic traffic among for an affluent clientele base, that can then convert into sales. As this has been our struggle, since our current traffic is quite low. Thank you so much, I truly appreciate it. 

Posted : 29/04/2022 2:19 am
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Hasan Aboul Hasan
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Hi friend, the best ways for eCommerce stores are paid ads and SEO.

Posted : 29/04/2022 12:08 pm
Danny Bee
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@ssher958 That is True. With e-commerce, having a very power ad is always a key. There are various agencies out there for very low budgets that can help set up a good ad campaign for you. BUT you have to be very careful though. Some with promise as if they control the buyers. Go for the paid ads, also make sure you have optimized your site well for SEO.

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Posted : 04/05/2022 3:33 am