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Is there any trick to grow instagram followers?

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Hey H-educate forum members


My name is Samuel from Burundi,East Africa and i am new on this platform.

And I am addressing to everyone here to know if there is a way to grow instagram followers and i would also like to know from how many followers,Instagram account will be eligible to make money.Thank you

Posted : 01/06/2021 5:19 pm
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Check this article.

Posted : 01/06/2021 9:29 pm
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I think it’s a good idea if you Promote your Instagram account through other social media for example Facebook and snapchat .and also you can Share your account in your other posts as well.


Posted : 02/06/2021 12:24 am
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Yeah we do have such tricks for a short period of time. I am not sure how does it work but at least you can give a try. Remember your account may be banned by following this method.

Step 1: Follow the most-followed Instagram accounts as much as you can.

step 2: wait for like around 5-10 minutes.

step 3: Then unfollow them.

step 4: You will get some followers

step 5: Repeat the same method giving some time.

I did tried this method few months ago and i gained like around 50 followers in 2 days but my account didn't get banned. 

Note: You might get security updates from Instagram.

If you want to gain genuine followers. You might need to upload some good content videos like motivational, knowledgeable, creative. 

Posted : 02/06/2021 1:03 am
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Actually there are two ways:- 

Get for free or buy followers on any Cheap and trusted SMM Panel. If you want for free, we have a youtube video where you can get free followers no Clickbait. If I share the video here, the team will not allow me or ban my account.









Posted : 02/06/2021 2:24 am
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Look brother there are no follower criteria to make money through Instagram, if you have even 500 followers you can start make money but you should know how to monetize your skill or product to those 500 followers. so, you don't need 1000+ followers to make money online through Instagram.

To increase Instagram followers you should focus on hashtags more and make sure hashtags work only if your post will be attractive or remarkable.

Posted : 02/06/2021 2:38 am
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Yeah you can increase your Instagram followers by using more and more hashtag while posting your photo. This is the only way to increase Instagram followers. Thank you.

Posted : 02/06/2021 2:42 am
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1. Use Instagram Reels.


2.Optimize your profile for search.


3.Create an IGTV Series.


4.Be more inclusive and diverse.


5.Work with micro-influencers.


6.Create authentic shareable content.


7.Promote Instagram content on other social platforms(Facebook or twitter)etc...


8.Write long captions.


9.Experiment with Instagram Lives.


10.Make a viral Instagram challenge or game.


11.Share memes with your audience.


12.Use Hashtags related to your post.


... please don't buy any followers from any website.

 because mostly spam, fraud, or Instagram may ban account.

Posted : 02/06/2021 3:05 am
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Muhammad aown
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You post frequently. Also post some detailed Pictures like just dont spam. Give Value. Also do some research on the # you are using ad if you are posting in an already over populated # then your post may only be viewable to some people because of high competition. Try get more engagement with your followers. Don't use websites which gives you fake followers as it will not help you. Because if you have Fake followers they will not react with your profile. And your profiles engagement rate will go down to 0%.  Also if you have got an order to post adervertising post, then don't do it regularly, just do it once a week as if you do it your profile will look like a spam and you will destroy everything.

Posted : 02/06/2021 3:53 am
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There are many ways you can try to implement on Instagram to get more followers like : 

  • Post consistently - many don't do this as they only post once or twice in a week, but for a brand new account which is not known to anyone or for a account which wants to grow it is important to post consistently
  • Use the right hashtags - these help your post to reach wider audience

hope it helps 🙂

Posted : 02/06/2021 3:56 am
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@abdallahtaleb thank you.Article is fully informative and clear.Time-self confidence -hardworking is the subject of this.Let me stay strong and use your methods

Posted : 02/06/2021 4:34 am
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Refer this YouTube video on the same topic from h-educate.

Direct link for YouTube Video :

Posted : 02/06/2021 4:54 am
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Hello friend,

Instagram doesn't pay even though you have thousands of followers. You can earn through Instagram by promoting goods and services to your audience. For this you don't need to own any products, you can promote affiliate products related to your niche.

For example, if your niche is earning money online, then you can promote affiliate products such as ClickFunnels, GetResponse, AWeber, etc...

Best of luck!

Posted : 02/06/2021 5:58 am
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Hello Samuel,

First of all hope, you all are safe.

I am Kevin. I will straightly come to the topic.

Instagram is one of the main social media platforms we can use to get traffic from our websites, blogs, products, affiliate links, and many more. I am also a digital marketer and I am doing dropshipping and affiliate marketing. But I am new to both these topics. 

So I started to do researches about the best free traffic sources. So one of the results I got is Instagram marketing. It is a good platform to get real followers and easy to improve if we work correctly on the platform. I found few methods in different articles and YouTube videos. So I will tell you the methods. You can try those and let me know if you get any results.

Important: If you don't have a niche selected yet please select a niche and find some big accounts in your same niche. (10-15 accounts)

1. Follow to follow

This is a famous method when we come to increase our followers on Instagram.

My method: Find an account in your same niche category. Then find some latest posts. (posted a few hours ago) then check the people who liked and commented on the post and follow them. By following this method, you can get real active followers who are engaging with your niche.

2. Repost content 

Find a big account and find some most engaged posts from that account. Then save those posts/ Screenshot them and publish them in your account.

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to give the credit to the author. (put that account name also in the post description)

3. Be active 

You need to add at least three posts per day. and also when someone likes or comment on your posts, you need to reply to them as soon as you can. By this method, you will build trust with your community. And also switch your account to a business account. By doing it you can check what are the best times your audience is getting engaged with your content mostly. So using that you can post on that time.

4. Hashtag

The hashtag is one of the best ways to drive traffic. You can add 30 hashtags for each post. So don't waste it. Do research before putting them. Find some high engaging hashtags. Check your competitor's post. Check what are hashtags are they using. 

Important: do research and collect as many as hashtags you can. Then use them with your posts. Don't use the same hashtags for every post. Rotate your collection of hashtags in every post you post.

5. Description of the post

Don't write a caption and post. Because most of the time, what people doing is see your post read the caption double tap on the screen, and leave. over 75% of them don't follow you. So add your account name in the description and say simply "Follow me to check more content like this" as an example.

So, Sam, These are some methods I found from research. You can try this out. I am slowly getting results, so I'm sure you will get it also. 

Good luck buddy !!!

Posted : 02/06/2021 5:59 am
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Instagram algorithm work on hashtag so you just need to choose right hashtag which have less compilation and high search valume you can do it on

Posted : 02/06/2021 6:00 am
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As Per As My Knowledge These Are The Best Ways To Gain Instagram Followers:-

  • Post Daily (Mainly On Reels Because It Is New And You Get To See Random Video So Its Easy To Find Someone New There)
  • Always Add Hashtags To Your Post (Add As Many Tags As Possible Even They Are Not Related To Your Post)
  • Its And Old Method But Still Works. Try Following Only Verified People     
Posted : 02/06/2021 6:08 am
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Posted by: @sammy2018

Hey H-educate forum members


My name is Samuel from Burundi,East Africa and i am new on this platform.

And I am addressing to everyone here to know if there is a way to grow instagram followers and i would also like to know from how many followers,Instagram account will be eligible to make money.Thank you

Hi,you must create own content  and using hashtag  in the post it will help to reach target audiance and grow your followers.

Posted : 02/06/2021 6:45 am
Ahnaf Zohin
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Hello Samuel.

There is no such trick to grow instagram dramatically. But if you use proper hashtag it will help you grow a lot and rest will depend on your content self.

You can also grow by using so many social media platform connected to the instagram. 

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Posted : 02/06/2021 7:32 am
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Moazam Saeed
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Hey there!

Basically instagram doesn't pay you! But you can earn money via ads that you run on your on your stories and get paid for them because of your 10k+ followers

Posted : 02/06/2021 7:53 am
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Do not go for follow and unfollow strategy you will get an action block.


Instead, follow this simple framework.


1. Follow follow4follow and comment on their posts saying follow me for a follow back.

2. Follow a hashtag strategy in which make a set of 20 hashtags:

-In these 25 hashtags make 4 sets of 5 hashtags In the first set use hashtags which have posts ranging from 10-50k. Followed by 50-100k Then 100-500k and lastly 500-1 million posts.

Note: Do not use the same set of hashtags on every post because insta will give you a shadowban.

Posted : 02/06/2021 7:57 am
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