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how to set up tool website

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Hi! Hasan, you are doing great work and I am your huge fan.

I had seen your video of uploading PHP script to contabo servers. I purchased the server, domain name, and PHP script. when I open the script there is no upload folder as you have shown in the youtube video. I am attaching the screenshot of the script file i downloaded from code canyon. please help me as soon as possible. thank you.

 please see those screenshots and advise me what should I do and which file I have to paste on winscp?

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Posted : 20/11/2021 12:46 pm
Hasan Aboul Hasan
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what is this? a wordpress plugin? or a PHP script or what? from where you get it?

Posted : 25/11/2021 8:19 am
Retro Canvas
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Did you dowload this from codecanyon?

Posted : 25/11/2021 9:15 am