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Google adsense rejection

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Evergreen Doc
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Hi. My site has been rejected 4-5 times to date and has been trying for a year now. this time the reason for rejection said something like this- 'site not ready to show ads yet. Some violations were noted. Please check program policies'. Please help me correct this as I have tried to follow everything as explained in your starting a blog series.

Posted : 06/05/2022 8:45 pm
tasnim reacted
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Hasan Aboul Hasan
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Hi, from here you got the content, you wrote by your self?

Posted : 06/05/2022 9:33 pm
Evergreen Doc
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Seriously!? YES! Every word has been written by me. Most of them are family and traditional recipes. The only points I might have taken are from PubMed studies which I have referenced in in-depth review articles.

Posted : 06/05/2022 10:19 pm
scott roger
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let me know how many post you have in your website?


Posted : 17/06/2022 6:05 am