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Google ads account suspended

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I'm Dilip Kumar, I saw Hassan sir's Google Ads video tutorial yesterday, till I log in to my Google Ads account, I get "Your account is suspended We've detected suspicious payments in your account." error is visible. Sir, I had never run any campaign but a threadshold campaign was running in it. I paused the campaign.
It is telling for the payment of 10 dollars,
I don't understand what to do.

Please sir help me


This topic was modified 2 years ago by Dilipds741
Posted : 25/09/2021 9:29 pm
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Hello brother, look I noticed that this Mastercard isn't yours, so maybe you got hacked into somehow and the hacker put his card in, so it is good that the account got suspended, you can do other

Posted : 27/09/2021 2:57 pm
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after all I think you can still get the money

Posted : 27/09/2021 2:58 pm