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6 Weeks Passed after applying for Adsense

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I applied for Google adsense last 2nd February and now today is 20th March. Already 6 weeks have passed but I am not getting any response from adsense. What should I do please help me. When I can get response? And it is my first time apply.

Posted : 20/03/2022 1:33 pm
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Hasan Aboul Hasan
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Hi friend, we cant do anything, just make sure to keep updating the site and getting traffic. you must get a reply soon

Posted : 20/03/2022 7:52 pm
Ghulam Mustafa
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Sometimes, Google is doing so late in giving any reply. Just some patience Bro.

Posted : 21/03/2022 10:23 am
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@admin Thanks sir for your response.

Posted : 21/03/2022 6:58 pm