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[Sticky] Cold Email Templates - With Examples

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It is no secret that sending cold emails is hard. However, if you practice well and identify the purpose of your email before sending it, you will be able to send excellent cold emails that will provide you with optimum results. 

In these small posts, I will provide templates for the most known types of cold email marketing to help you know how to start your email. 

Subject Line

The first most important factor to look for is your Subject line. There is no specific subject line to help get your email open, you will have to test, track the best, and tweak your subject line to find the version that best suits your emails. 

But you have to make sure you follow the below points: 

  • Try to personalize your subject line
  • Make it sound urgent and exclusive
  • Make it useful and specific
  • Make your email sound clear as to why you are reaching out to this person

Email Body

The subject line gets your reader to open your email, but the body is the email itself, so it sure is also important. 

It should consist of three parts: 

  • Opening Line: Add a hook to grab the reader's attention. Get straight to the point on what you want from them and what they are getting. 
  • Main Body: Explain what you promised to deliver in the opening line. 
  • Call to action: Add what you want the reader to do after finishing your email (preferable not to add links in cold emails). Maybe add a video, or reply back, or arrange a time to chat, or provide your phone number, etc...

Below, I will provide several email templates for different types of cold emails. You can also ask what types you would like us to talk about. 

Posted : 03/01/2022 9:59 am
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Example 1: B2B sales emails about a recent occurrence. 

Subject Line: Congratulations.


Hi {{First_Name}};

I have just received the good news about {{recent occurrence}}. Kudos.

When this is done, {{insert value preposition}} is crucial. This is why I thought you would be interested in learning how we helped similar companies {{add benefit}}. 

I know you might be super busy now, but if you'd like to know more, let's set up a quick call. 

How does {{specify date and time}} sound? If you want any other date, feel free to propose one and let me know. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Posted : 04/01/2022 9:39 am
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Example 2: AIDA: Attention-Interest-Desire-Action

Subject: Save Your Time with this software

Hello {{name}},

How about getting 12 hours more time added to your week? Sounds exciting?

Many of our clients are getting 12 hours more free time in their week after adding our software. 

Just ask {Give names of real customers} who we’re happy to count as satisfied customers.

I’d love to set up a time to walk you through a personalized demo. Would you have some free time next week so we can connect?

Posted : 11/01/2022 12:15 pm
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Thanks for sharing 🙂

Posted : 12/01/2022 1:39 pm
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Example 3: Ask for something (for partnerships)

Subject: I am looking for an introduction to {Person}


I was hoping that you might be able to introduce me to {person you want to reach} at {company name}?

I wanted to connect with him because our email list targets a similar demographic with limited overlap. Seeing as our products are non-competitive, I wanted to touch base to see if he was up for brainstorming ways to leverage our existing user bases to grow both of our lists.

We did this with {competitor} in the past, and both parties received a 15% lift in new subscribers.

Any help is much appreciated.

Posted : 19/01/2022 11:46 am
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Example 4: Ask for a guest post

Subject: Looking For a Paid Guest Post


Hello [First Name]

My name is [Your Name] and I can across your site while searching for [tools similar to your tool].

I was wondering: Do you accept sponsored posts? 

Knowing that we will provide the article, how much will it cost to publish an article on your website? 

Looking forward to hearing from you. 

Best regards;

[Your Name]


Posted : 31/01/2022 9:48 am
Rajitha Amarasinghe
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I think it is all about the mindset.

When we are composing an email, we are just looking at the screen and the text. It won't feel the human touch. But always and always remember that on the other end of your email communication is a human. Try doing the following. Add this pinch of salt when you are typing (preparing) your email (dish).

1. Smile while you are typing

2. Imagine a person is looking at you through the screen and you are interacting with him or her

3. Keep in your mind that your words can hurt as well as can inspire him or her

I have seen people who are very good at building relationships in real life, failing in email communications. What should they do, add the ingredients of the successful plate to the unsuccessful one.

Simple. Take actions and enjoy your progress!!! 🙂  

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Posted : 31/01/2022 10:07 am
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