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Looking for the best possible suggestion for Organizational Email Marketing Solution.

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I want to share a critical situation with you that i am facing with my Company Email marketing. first of all i want to ask you for help on those things :
1. The domain IP address has been blacklisted
2. Most of the emails are getting bounced
3. My emails are not converting all of a sudden.

FYI I am using Gsuite as my Email provider now i am thinking about reboot my whole email marketing system and process so i need some suggestion from you. first of all i want you to know that i am not doing any spam and all the contacts that i am using are collected by calling to each and every customer or email holder so there's no chances to get a spam restrictions now i am thinking about there should be some other option best for me with a 25k contact list to restart my email marketing journey. please help me with this situation. I need to know your suggestion on

1. best option to get a 100% inbox email
2. not facing any problem of IP blacklist issue
3. and help me to understand the issue going on with me

Posted : 13/02/2022 7:02 pm
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Hasan Aboul Hasan
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Hi friend, if you can afford an email marketing service like ConvertKit or Getresponse, go for it.

or you can go with Sendgrid SMTP connecting with any email marketing service you want.

Posted : 15/02/2022 9:51 pm
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