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Niche Selection

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Azhar Abbas
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Hi I'm going to start an amazon affiliate website but I'm confused in niche selection.
1: laptops & accessories
2: Home decoration & Cosmetics.

Which one will works better. Please help me if any one have knowledge & experience about this..........


Posted : 19/05/2022 5:04 am
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Which one do you love more? Working with something you love will give you better results in the long run as you will hang to it and not get bored when you do not see fast results. Choose what you are passionate about, and do your research about it. 

Posted : 20/05/2022 6:46 am
Azhar Abbas reacted
Muhammad aown
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I think that you should choose the one you have more knowledge about, in this way when you will have to do the marketing for those products, it will be easy for you since you will already have a lot of knowledge of those products.


Posted : 16/06/2022 11:36 am